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Under Philippine Laws, can a foreigner buy and own real estate property in the Philippines?
Philippines is becoming popular to more foreigners due to its islands hailed by Conde Nast's list of the Most Beautiful in the World.

Yes, foreigners may buy and own real estate property here, but they are not allowed to buy and own land which is under a TCT (Transfer Certificate of Title). Foreigners may buy and own condominium units. Detailed guide here.

Fortunately, if a foreigner do not like living in condominiums, there are a few properties in prime locations such as townhouses or single houses sitting on a land but with a  CCT (Condominium Certificate of Title) so technically, it can be purchased by a foreigner. This does not mean though that a foreigner is already the sole owner of the land where the house was constructed on but it does provide another lifestyle option especially if foreign buyer wants his own garden or barbecue backyard which cannot be experienced in condos/apartments in general.


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