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Thinking of selling or owning a property or just looking for a place to rent?
Are you looking for a contractor to build your dream home?
Got complicated problems with your property title and taxes?
Do you need a lender/loan to fund your dream condo with the a competitive rate?
Need to know if a property you're buying for rental investment is worth it?
Prime Homes PH can be your partner in your real estate needs.

Through our pages here arranged by location, you'll get access to our property listings located all over Metro Manila and even in other cities or towns in the Philippines. However, please note that we still have a lot of our listings published in our social media accounts, property websites and MLS that are not yet here but I am doing my best to make this webpage the central database for all our project and pre-owned/resale property listings, one day at a time. I usually prioritize to list properties in the best locations (meaning it is not in the middle of nowhere or it is not surrounded by unsightly environment e.g: Informal settlers), limited supply (a nice townhouse in Metro Manila is a rare find) and/or better ROI than the average industry rate - Always compare condo prices per square meter and never per Unit Price.

I am Heidi 'Zumi' Santiago of Team Prime Homes PH, powered by Keller Williams Realty and DRIVEN at your service as a licensed real estate broker based in Makati City, your partner and ally in your real estate deals. DRIVEN is more than 500 strong network of licensed brokers and agents scattered all over Metro Manila, Greater Manila Area, provinces in the north and south and even in key areas in the Visayas and Mindanao. Keller Williams Realty has market centers in more than 80 countries and is #1 in the US in terms of agent count. We also have partner developers in Baguio, Boracay, Cebu, Palawan and Davao. Just tell us where you want to invest, your expectations and we will try our best to find that dream property. We can also help you find buyers if you have a property in prime locations that you want to sell.

Team Prime Homes Ph
To make you understand us better and therefore make the most of our relationship as broker and client, knowing the process in which we work can help a lot. Trust is very important for any relationship and before this trust can be developed, this process on how the brokerage works should be clear to you.

How Not To Waste Your and Other People's Time in Buying, Leasing or Selling Properties

When the interested party, whether sellerbuyer or tenant, connects with the real estate broker or one of her agents, it is a must that the interested party should be qualifiedA quick definition of a qualified prospect would be that they are willing, able and legally capable. If loan officers of banks or property developers have pre-qualifying standard criteria, so do real estate brokers.

The criteria include:

1. Purpose.
Your reasons for buying real estate can be many - as a hedge against inflation, for personal use, for rental business, for minimizing taxable income, as an investment and even to speculate that property values will go up in the future. We, brokers might not ask you directly but would try to figure out the real reason why you would want to buy the property. A specific type of property satisfies a specific type of need and the more open you are with your purpose, the more we can give you options that fit your needs and even wants.

2. Capacity to Pay. 
The buyer should have the capacity to pay. In some cases, buyers simply want or desire to own a property but they do not have the financial capability to acquire it.
It is best that we have a realistic sense of what we can afford vs the property we want. Our wallet and the property's price should match in order to make the real estate transaction a reality.

3. Authority to Buy.
The person usually looking at a property is the buyer. But these days, some buyers buy for their busy relatives or their relatives and friends abroad. It is common these days that the person who will pay for the property is out of the country and they simply rely on photographs or videos of the property and other details that is sent to them.
They simply ask their relatives, trusted friend or significant other to buy in behalf of them. While this is inevitable, it is best and smart that the principal buyer should also have a direct contact with the broker or agent of the property to avoid miscommunication or misunderstandings brought by second-hand relay of information thru their proxy or representative. Except when the representative is also a licensed real estate broker in which case is perfectly fine as we understand the dynamics and procedures needed to make the deal a reality in the smoothest way possible.

4. Legal Capacity.
It is not enough that a buyer is financially capable to pay for the property. We have encountered a few clients who insist to be approved for purchasing a house on terms just because he has the capacity to pay the required downpayment and monthly amortizations based on his bank account balance and refuses to provide documents as proof of regular income. Having the money but not being able to provide proper documents of your financial capacity will result to you not having a legal capacity to purchase the property not unless you will purchase in cash.

Do not get offended if your broker asks you details about yourself especially when it comes to your financial and legal capacity. We just want to make sure that we are not wasting our time on prospects that are not qualified. To find, screen and show a piece of property to a client takes time - even days and we, brokers just want to make sure that we are not wasting our time on a client that is only a "window shopper" or worst, a "fake buyer". If you are a serious buyer, it will also save you a lot of time and effort and spare you of potential headaches or frustrations if you provide detailed information to your broker on the circumstances surrounding your property purchase. Our main focus is to give you the right property and not to meddle in your personal affairs but it will greatly help us both if we maintain an open communication about your situation.

Seeking and working with a trustworthy and qualified real estate broker is very advantageous to the buyer or seller.
We make sure that the best interests of our clients are upheld, whether we represent the buyer/tenant or the seller/landlord.
We can advise you on which property is best for you and help you in every step of the way to achieve your goal.
Keep in mind though that you have the final say in deciding which property you will finally acquire but we will always be here to guide  and listen to you.

I may not be the a rockstar broker with multiple deals everyday, but I can assure you of the most objective comparisons, recommendation based on marketing analysis and industry updates, unbiased opinion and fair way of dealing with your requirement to find the right property or right buyer that you deserve while upholding ethical and moral values expected of a real estate professional.

Yours truly,

Ms. Zumi Santiago
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Keller Williams Philippines
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